Every yoga pose involves some form of core stabilization and/or strength building. In these core-focused classes you will get an opportunity to go deeper and feel more connection to how your core functions through a vinyasa class as well as building more strength. Check out each class description to find a core focused class that aligns with where you are today.

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  • Jenny Fiery Plank Core Flow - Tues 4/13

    This is a 60 Minute CORE Flow with Jenny focusing on fire and lots of plank variations. The playlist features songs from Tom Petty, N.W.A. and Moby.

  • Stephanie Release to Make Space For What's Ahead Flow - Sat 4/10

    This is a 60 Minute Core Flow with Stephanie focusing on twists and back-bending. The peak sequence is a loaded one leading you through Revolved Halfmoon, Hand to Big Toe, Revolved Hand to Big Toe, and Dancer's Pose. You will do a good amount of core work to make sure your standing leg has the su...

  • Kaitlyn Twists, twists, & more twists! Flow - Mon 4/5

    This is a 60 Minute Core Flow with Kaitlyn focusing on twisting a ton! You will take that energetically into the body to practice cleansing what no longer serves you. The playlist features songs from Maroon 5, Chance the Rapper, and Kings of Leon.

  • Ashley Core Based Dancer's Pose - Sat 4/3

    This is a 60 Minute Core Flow with Ashley leading up to Dancer's Pose. The playlist features songs from A Tribe Called Quest, TLC, and. Misterwives.

  • Hannah Fierce Love Core Flow - Sat 2/20

    Today’s class is a Core Focused Flow. We will strengthen and stabilize the front, back, and sides of the core in forearm side plank, high lunge, and half moon. Tapas! In Sanskrit, tapas translates to “heat”. Tapas encourages self discipline and to break old habits to rise to your higher self. Tap...

  • Stephanie Revolve & Honor What You Need Flow - Thu 2/11

    This is a 60 Minute CORE Flow with Stephanie leading up to Revolved Triangle and Revolved Halfmoon with a bunch of core work. Lend yourself kindness and honor what you need knowing that what you accomplish doesn't define who you are. The playlist features songs from Beyoncé, J.Cole and Miley Cyru...

  • Jenny Strength Funky Warrior III Flow - Tues 2/9

    This is a 60 Minute CORE Flow with Jenny leading into a Funky Warrior III. This class focuses on strength and core integration. The playlist features Mumford and Sons.

  • Ashley Rinsing Out Twisty Side Crow Flow - Tues 2/2

    This is a 60 Minute CORE Flow with Ashley focusing on rinsing out the body through twists peaking to Side Crow. You will also practice feeling rooted in your twists and releasing physical and mental tension. The playlist features songs from Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, and Hole.

  • Nikki CandleLight Harnessing Strength Flow - Tues 1/26

    This is a 60 Minute CORE CandleLight focused class with Nikki. The core is everything but your limbs and this class explores how to stabilize and move from a place of strength while cultivating awareness. You will move through postures like supported side plank, high crescent lunge, warrior III c...

  • Nick Kind Twisty 45 Min Express Flow - Tues 1/26

    This is a 45 Minute CORE Express class with Nick working on cultivating kindness while twisting. Nikki is demoing the class so you will hear Nick's voice but see Nikki practicing. Enjoy!

  • Ashley Core-Crow Pose Flow - Mon 1/4

    This is a 60 minute Core-Crow Pose Flow with Ashley filmed at our Westchester Studio. This class focuses on core work and becoming fulfilled as we are without seeking out more. The playlist features songs from The Cure, Echosmith, and David Bowie.

  • Stephanie Core Flow - Sat 1/2

    This is a 60 minute Core focused class with Stephanie filmed at our Westchester Studio. The last year taught us what is important, how to shift and re-adjust. We find strength through our most vulnerable moments and the power to make it through the hardest days. lets take what we learned from las...

  • Stephanie Core Heart Opening Flow - Thu 12/31

    This 60 minute class with Stephanie focuses on heart opening and peaks to Dancer's Pose. The class is very core heavy and energetically focuses on the Rumi quote, "The wound is the place where light enters you." The playlist features songs by KLLO, Cinematic Orchestra, and Kanye West.

  • Ashley Core Bird of Paradise Flow - Sat 12/26

    This is a 60 minute class with Ashley that was filmed at our Westchester Studio. You will focus on your core leading up to Bird of Paradise. Energetically you will work on igniting the heat and light that is within all of us. The playlist features songs from Lupe Fiasco, Ariana Grande, and Potsu.

  • Nikki BlackLight LIVE Twisty Freedom Flow - Thu 12/3

    This is a Core focused 60 Minute BlackLight class streamed LIVE from our Tribeca location with Nikki. This is a twisting class focusing on the difference between twisting the ribs vs. twisting the hips. The class works on drills building glute and core strength while also liberating areas of the ...

  • Nikki CandleLight Core Flow LIVE - Wed 11/25

    In this 60 minute Candlelight flow you will move through 45 minutes of a core focused flow moving through postures like High Lunge, Warrior III, and Halfmoon. Then settle into a 15 minute restorative section to wind down. You will leave this class standing taller, stronger, and more stable in you...

  • Rebekah 60 Minue Core Flow

    Be prepared for a full hour of strengthening, stabilizing, and sweating with this core-focused flow. You’re not going to see any crunches or pulses; instead, the focus here is on strong positions and long holds in order to get the core better at its job: steady balance, good posture, and a stable...

  • Reed Core Heavy Flow - Tues 11/10

    This 60 Minute class with Reed is focused on getting into the core in fun, unique, and challenging ways. Reed believes in nonviolence, continuous study, self-care, discipline, and truth. Growing organically from these principles, his teaching style is compassionate, accessible, joyful, lightheart...

  • Nikki Posture & Core BlackLight LIVE - Thu 11/5

    This is a Core 60 Minute BlackLight Live from Tribeca class taught by Nikki on Thursday 11/5 at 6p. The way we stand has so much to do with how we feel both on and off the mat. In this class we focus on the core and in particular the alignment of our ribs in relationship to core stability plays a...

  • Julia Core BlackLight LIVE - Thu 10/29

    This is a Core 60 Minute BlackLight Live From Tribeca Flow taught by Julia on Thursday 10/29 at 7p. In this class, we use our core to activate the rest of the body and open up the full mobility of our spine. Using a fast paced flow, you fire up from the inside out to explore single leg balancing...

  • Nick 20 Minute Core Flow

    Core, core, core. This flow is almost all core exercises. You'll be pushed to the limit with different on-mat exercises to fire your abdominals up. Expect some longer static holds. Then, I'll challenge you to apply that same activation and work into some quick, fast-paced, powerful standing seque...

  • Lauren 20 Minute Hip and Twist Flow

    Only have 20 mins but dying to wring out your body, feel powerful and maybe get into a side crow? Lauren has got you covered! We'll get super twisty and stretch out the outer hips as well. Playlist includes Janet Jackson, Lizzo and The Head and the Heart.

  • Nikki 20 Minute Core Flow, Halfmoon Series

    This is the second class in a 4 part series that focuses on the posture Halfmoon. In this 20 minute flow we will focus on how a strong core can heighten a posture like Halfmoon while focusing on the energetic theme or clear intentions. We start on the back in a bridge to wake up the glutes and th...

  • Stephanie 10 Minute Core Quick Blast

    In this 10 minute core blast class, we will generate heat in the body and core quickly through a series of core strengthening moves. We will start on our backs with targeted core exercises and move to a more plank focused ending. We seal this class with a boat pose burnout and a juicy savasana! ...