Upper Body

Upper Body

If you want to focus on building mobility, flexibility, and/or strength in your upper body this collection of classes will give you lots to choose from. Each class will have a specific focus (shoulders, arms, spine, heart). Check out the class descriptions for the specific upper body focus of each class.

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Upper Body
  • Rebekah 30 Minute Strong, Stable Shoulder Flow

    Our shoulders carry a lot—literally and metaphorically. Strong, healthy shoulders help us move confidently through the world. This 30-minute flow will focus on strengthening and stretching the muscles that keep our shoulders stable. We will move through plank variations and push-ups for strength,...

  • Lexy Getting Strong Shoulders Flow - Thu 4/15

    This is a 60 Minute Upper Body Flow with Lexy focusing on shoulders and getting strong so you can let your worries just roll right off. The playlist features songs from Sam Smith, Lana Del Ray, and Billy Idol.

  • Nikki We Have the Strength to Bare the Weight Flow - Wed 3/31

    This is a 60 Minute Upper Body Flow with Nikki focusing on integrating the arms into the shoulders into the obliques... into the deep core. It's all connected! From the strength, we feel in our upper backs we are able to take flight from a place of strength with an open heart. The playlist featur...

  • Jenny Nature's Transition Heart Opening Flow - Tues 3/23

    This is a 60 Minute Upper Body Flow with Jenny focusing on heart-opening as well as following nature's transition into Spring.

  • Jen Ham Super Long Hear Opening Flow - Mon 3/8

    This is a 60 Minute Heart Opening Flow with Jen Ham focusing on a super long flow that will lead you right to an open heart. The playlist features songs from Yola, Karen Elson, and The Pretenders.

  • Jenny Deep Back Heart Breathing Camel Flow - Tues 3/2

    This is a 60 Minute Upper Body Flow with Jenny that focuses on breathing into the back of the heart leading into Camel Pose. The playlist features songs from Tom Petty, N.W.A., and Moby.

  • Denise Core & Arm Strength Flow - Tues 3/2

    This is a 60 Minute Upper Body Flow with Denise that focuses on integrating the core with arm strength (hint: they are connected!). The playlist features songs from Jennifer Paige, Ant Clemons, and Grace Carter.

  • Reed Shoulder Strength Flow - Wed 1/6

    This is a 60 minute Upper Body Flow with Reed focusing on the exploration of shoulder blade integration (protraction and retraction), spinal flexibility (backbends and twists). You will be creating a strong physical foundation first so you remember you have something strong to stand on. The play...

  • Erinn Upper Body 30 Minute Flow

    In this 30 minute Upper Body Flow Erinn focuses on cueing specific engagement of the shoulder girdle and arms in poses like Chair, Diver's Pose, and Locust. You will leave this class feeling strong and perhaps a little sore in the arms.

  • Reed Upper Body 45 Min Express Flow - Thu 12/17

    This is a 45 Minute Express flow with Reed (demoed by Nikki) filmed at our Tribeca studio. This class focuses on Upper Body Strength and stability while integrating the core.

  • Jenny - Tues 9/29

    Jenny's classes are full of creative flows that kick your butt while laying down some serious wisdom. You will leave her class feeling strong, inspired, and perhaps a little surprised by what your body can do.

  • Lauren 30 Minute Upper Body Flow, Flying Splits Series

    This is the third in our flying splits series. We focus on the upper body, stretching, stabilizing and strengthening the arms and shoulders so that they eventually have the flexibility and activation to carry those legs off the earth! This class can be taken as part of the series or a standalone ...

  • Lauren 45 Minute Heart Opening Flow

    Join Lauren (who claims to not be very backbendy herself!) for a 45 minute heart opening class peaking to wheel pose. We get into some lizard flows, devotional warrior, and dancers pose along the way. Playlist includes Iggy Azalea, Lady Gaga and Florence + The Machine.

  • Nikki 60 Minute Upper Body Flow

    In this 60 minute class we work on arm strength and integration bringing awareness to how the action of the arms can light up postures like Downdog, Eagle, and Revolved Halfmoon. This class will move through the entire body but will focus on freeing up the thoracic spine through twists to gain mo...

  • Nikki 20 Minute Upper Body Flow, Halfmoon Series

    This is the third class in a 4 part series that focuses on the posture Halfmoon. In this 20 minute flow we will explore how freedom in the tissues of the mid-back and stability in the shoulder girdle can create freedom in a posture like Halfmoon. Through challenging arm exercises in postures like...

  • Julia 10 Minute Arm Blast

    In this 10 Minute mini flow, we make the absolute most of our time! Focusing on shoulder stabilization, we get the heart pumping with some quick paced drills and undulations. This is a great mini blast on its own, or even more fired up if you pair it with one of our other shorter flows, like Ka...

  • Julia 30 Minute Upper Body Flow, Crow Series

    This is the third class in a 4 part series focusing on the arm balance Crow. This flow integrates various upper body drills to increase our shoulder stability, really seeing how the action of pressing into the mat supports our whole body. We peak with an exploration of crow, focusing on our pres...