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Watch this video and more on YogaSpark Digital

Watch this video and more on YogaSpark Digital

Denise Core & Arm Strength Flow - Tues 3/2

Upper Body • 1h 7m

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  • Reed Shoulder Strength Flow - Wed 1/6

    This is a 60 minute Upper Body Flow with Reed focusing on the exploration of shoulder blade integration (protraction and retraction), spinal flexibility (backbends and twists). You will be creating a strong physical foundation first so you remember you have something strong to stand on. The play...

  • Erinn Upper Body 30 Minute Flow

    In this 30 minute Upper Body Flow Erinn focuses on cueing specific engagement of the shoulder girdle and arms in poses like Chair, Diver's Pose, and Locust. You will leave this class feeling strong and perhaps a little sore in the arms.

  • Reed Upper Body 45 Min Express Flow -...

    This is a 45 Minute Express flow with Reed (demoed by Nikki) filmed at our Tribeca studio. This class focuses on Upper Body Strength and stability while integrating the core.