Lower Body

Lower Body

If you want to focus on building mobility, flexibility, and/or strength in your lower body this collection of classes will give you lots to choose from. Each class will have a specific focus (legs, glutes, hips). Check out the class descriptions for the specific lower body focus of each class.

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Lower Body
  • Jenny Lower Body Healing Flow - Tues 1/19

    This is a 60 Minute Lower Body class with Jenny focuses on Healing. Jenny's classes are full of creative flows that kick your butt while laying down some serious wisdom. You will leave her class feeling strong, inspired, and perhaps a little surprised by what you your body can do. The playlist fe...

  • Ashley Tree Flow - Mon 1/11

    This is a 60 Minute Lower Body Flow with Ashley focusing on Tree and tree variations throughout class. The playlist features songs from Lorde, Fiona Apple, and Machine Gun Kelly.

  • Nick Hips Flow - Wed 1/6

    This is a 60 Minute Lower Body Flow with Nick that focuses on hips. There will be a lot of side angle work along with twists, binds, lizard, and pigeon. The playlist features songs from GRADES, Broods, and Flume.

  • Nick Legs & Core Flow - Fri 1/1

    This is a 60 minute class with Nick that focuses on Legs & Core. The playlist features songs from Hasley, Mabel, and Daya.

  • Nick Twists and Backbends Flow - Wed 12/30

    This balanced focused 60 minute class works on the lower body in twists and backbends. The playlist features songs from Lana Del Rey, Pink, and Rihanna.

  • Reed Twisted Side Crow Flow - Wed 12/30

    This is a 60 minute Lower Body Flow with Reed filmed at our Westchester Studio. The class works on twists and core leading up to a twisted side crow. The playlist features songs from Lady Gaga, Becky Hill, and Paloma Faith.

  • Nick Legs & Abs Flow - Tues 12/29

    This is a 60 minute Lower Body Flow with Nick filmed at our Westchester Studio. You will focus on leg and ab work throughout the class. The playlist features songs from Lauv, Katy Perry, and Roses.

  • Kaitlyn Halfmoon Tree Flow - Wed 12/23

    This is a 60 minute Lower Body Flow with Kaitlyn filmed from our Westchester Studio. You will focus on opening the hips while staying in control through focusing on the breath and will peak to a sequence with Tree Pose and Halfmoon Pose. The playlist features songs from Maren Morris, mister wives...

  • Hannah Standing Splits and Halfmoon Flow - Tues 12/22

    This 60 minute class was filmed from our Westchester Studio with Hannah. You will focus on the Lower Body in this class leading up to Standing Splits and Halfmoon pose. Energetically you will practice feeling grounded during the craziness of the holiday season. The playlist features songs from Ar...

  • Nick Standing Balancing Flow - Fri 12/18

    This class focuses on the Lower Body in Standing Balancing postures. The playlist features songs from Lorde, LP, and Florence + The Machine.

  • Jenny Pigeon Flow - Tues 12/15

    This 60 minute Lower Body class was filmed from our Westchester location with Jenny and focuses on Pigeon Pose. There is a lot that goes into opening your hips from a supported, strong and stable place and you will leave this class feeling more free and clear in the hips and legs. The playlist fe...

  • Julia Dancer's Pose BlackLight LIVE from Tribeca - Thu 12/10

    This 60 Minute BlackLight LIVE flow filmed from our Tribeca location is with Julia and peaks to Dancer's Pose. You will focus a lot on alignment and strength while learning how to soften when most challenged. This playlist features songs from The Shins, Rachel Platten, and Sam Smith.

    This LIVE B...

  • Nick Legs - Legs - Legs Flow - Fri 11/27

    This is a class focused on the legs legs legs! Challenging balancing poses woven into strength building. Power poses, hips focused. You will work through postures like Warrior 3, Eagle, and King Dancer. This playlist has songs from Francis and the Lights, Minke, and Flume.

  • Arianna Fri 10/23 9:30a

    This is a Lower Body Flow 60 Minute Live from the Studio class taught by Arianna on Friday 10/23 at 9:30a. This class has fast flows with lots of twists and core work. You will move through postures like Revolved Halfmoon, Eagle, and Side Crow. This playlist features songs from Esperanza Spalding...

  • Julia 45 Minute Inner Thigh Flow

    In this 45 minute flow, Julia works on building strength and mobility in the inner thighs through a series of active stretches and strengthening poses. This playlists features songs from James Bay, Dionne Farris, and Sarah Bareilles.

  • Kaitlyn 45 Minute Lower Body Flow

    In this 45 Minute Lower Body class we focus in on the hips and glutes. We start off in a seated position with the soles of our feet touching, allowing early activation of open hips as well as connection to the breath. Our warm up allows us to begin activating our glutes while building heat in the...

  • Nikki 20 Minute Low Body Flow, Halfmoon Series

    This is the first class in a 4 part series that focuses on the posture Halfmoon. In this 20 minute flow we will focus on the strength and mobility needed in the legs for Halfmoon. We explore the power the ground can give your muscles physically and your body energetically. Starting on the ground ...

  • Kaitlyn 20 Minute Lower Body Flow, Warrior III Series

    In this 20 minute sequence we focus directly on the lower body to charge it up for a strong and grounded warrior 3. We keep a continuous focus on keeping the hips square through many different poses such as low crescent lunge, warrior 1 and ultimately warrior 3. Slowly but surely we increase the ...

  • Kaitlyn 10 Minute Booty Blast

    In this 10 minute class, we focus solely on the glutes. We fire it up right away activating the booty with several repetitive movements. While our main focus is the glutes, yoga poses such as low lunge twist, lizard, and low crescent lunge are incorporated to ensure flexibility in the surrounding...

  • Lauren 60 Minute Hip and Twist Flow

    For 60 minutes, Lauren guides you through a super juicy, hippy, and twisty sequence, peaking to side crow. We get into a little goddess/half moon/crow pose flow and an unexpected bird of paradise along the way! Playlist features CHVRCHES, Ed Sheeran and Chance the Rapper.

  • Nikki 45 Minute Hip Flow

    In this 45 minute flow we focus on the hips, in particular your psoas muscle. The psoas connects at the inner thigh and travels up the hip, through the core, and connects at the mid-back. We alternate between strengthening exercises and mobility drills to free up and strengthen this part of the b...

  • Lauren 30 Minute Low Body Flow, Flying Splits Series

    This is the first in our flying splits series. We focus on the lower body, energizing and strengthening the legs and glutes so that they eventually have the flexibility and activation to float! This class can be taken as part of the series or a standalone class. Lauren teaches, Julia demos. Playl...

  • Julia 30 Minute Yin

    Yin is the counter to our power practice in which we hold postures for much longer in order to find a different kind of depth. In this 30 minute series, we focus on the hips. We spend most of our time opening them up from multiple angles, working in some chest openers and low back release in or...

  • Julia 20 Minute Low Body Flow

    In this 20 minute flow we get a lot of fire in a small amount of time. Starting out by activating the core to get the sweat flowing, we move into a series of lunges and squats, moving weight from one foot to the other in order to really turn on our glutes. We keep the pace up to let the fire in...