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  • 30 Minute Spark Bootcamp, Episode 1

  • Kaitlyn 60 Minute Home In Yourself Flow

    Kaitlyn leads us in this 60 minute class, integrating a paced flow and flexibility work, peaking up to split practice. Playlist includes Alex Baker, Young the Giant, and Taylor Swift.

  • Julia 60 Minute Core Flow

  • Prenatal w/Julia

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  • Cassie Yoga for Dancers

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    Between these two 30 minute classes there is a mix of floor work and standing/balancing work to ultimately feel the integration of traditional yoga movement with dynamic choreography. But don't let the word "choreography" scare you! If you are not a dancer, this could still be the perfect practic...

  • Robbin Chakra Series

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    According to yoga tradition, the chakras are part of the subtle body, a part of you that you can’t see or touch. It’s where your energy flows, which is why it’s also referred to as the energy body. Get to know more about the way your practice effects your energy in this 7-part series.

  • Rebekah Flow on the Go Series

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    If you're having a busy day/week/life these classes are the perfect "go to" for you! Each class is under 30 minutes with their own specialty so there's something for every yogi. Whether you're into a powerful flow, a quick full body flow or restorative flow or even all three, Rebekahs got you cov...

  • Julia 25 Minute Shoulder Prenatal Flow

    In this 25 Minute Flow, Julia works on shoulder mobility and stability. This flow is appropriate for any trimester. We work up to dolphin variations. Playlist includes Taylor Swift, Maggie Rogers, and Ingrid Michaelson.

    Please consult your doctor before starting any exercise routine during pregn...

  • Julia 30 Minute Hippy Prenatal Flow

    In this 30 minute prenatal flow, Julia leads you through a modified flow that is appropriate for any trimester of your pregnancy. Explore finding stability while opening up the side body and hips, building up to a supported half moon. Two blocks are suggested. Playlist includes Penny and Sparrow,...

  • Rebekah 20 Minute Quick Full Body Flow

    No full hour for yoga? No problem! This 20-minute flow hits the hips, shoulders, quads, spine, and chest to build some heat and get you out of your head. We move through lunges, twists, and warrior variations. Then, since there’s nothing quite like single-leg poses to cultivate focus, the peak po...

  • Rebekah 30 Minute Strong, Stable Shoulder Flow

    Our shoulders carry a lot—literally and metaphorically. Strong, healthy shoulders help us move confidently through the world. This 30-minute flow will focus on strengthening and stretching the muscles that keep our shoulders stable. We will move through plank variations and push-ups for strength,...

  • Rebekah 20 Minute Wind Down Restorative Flow

    Designed to release tension and promote restful sleep, this 20-minute flow is perfect after a long day. Focusing on intentional poses and deep breathing, we’ll move slowly through hip and chest openers, along with some gentle spinal movement. We’ll end with legs up the wall for a restorative inve...

  • Katie 40 Minute Core Flow

    In this 40 minute flow, taught by Katie and demoed by Caitlin, get your core activated, strong, and solid. After a brief warmup, explore power lunge variations, and balances (including Warrior III) to make sure that your core is the center of your support system. Go through multiple prep flows an...

  • Katie 30 Minute Core Flow

    In this 30 minute core flow, Katie will fire up your middle and make your whole body feel amazing! Starting with some activated supine warm ups! After some Sun A variations, start to amp it up with twisting, side plank variations, and boat pose variations, eventually working up to crow pose. This...

  • Nikki 45 Minute Hip Flow

    In this 45 minute flow we focus on the hips, in particular your psoas muscle. The psoas connects at the inner thigh and travels up the hip, through the core, and connects at the mid-back. We alternate between strengthening exercises and mobility drills to free up and strengthen this part of the b...

  • Kaitlyn Back Bending, Heart Opening Flow Mon 8/2

    This is a 60 minute Full Body Flow with Kaitlyn focusing on opening up your heart to make room for new opportunities to come your way. Once you find yourself physically opening up your heart, you allow yourself to explore deeper into your body. As the flow goes on you find yourself in camel pose ...

  • Reed Hamstrings, Core & Shoulders Fallen Flamingo Flow- Sun 8/1

    This is a 60 min full body flow with Reed peaking to fallen flamingo. You will also work on hamstrings, shoulders and your core. The playlist features songs from Kelly Clarkson, Sia and Lady Gaga.

  • Arianna hamstrings, quads & core, Humble Flamingo Flow- Thurs 8/5

    This is a full body flow with Arianna peaking to humble flamingo. To build up to this flow Arianna will activate your hamstring, quads and of course, your core. This playlist features songs from Joni Mitchell, Aretha Franklin, Tom Petty.