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  • SparkOutdoors Series

    3 videos

    This three part series is practiced and taught outside so whether you are inside or out (we recommend out!) these classes are all about getting you connected to the earth and nature. When we reconnect with nature, we reconnect with ourselves!

  • Jenny Fiery Core Series

    4 videos

    In this 3 part series you will work hard but more importantly you will work smart. Each session is designed to light up different parts of your core in order to make you more aware, stronger, and prepared to do bigger movement patterns. And on top of all of that, it's just fun to get challenged b...

  • Kat Flying Ninja Zero Expectations, Just Experiences Flow - Thu 6/3

    This is a 60 Minute Full Body Flow with Kat focusing on hips, inner thighs, and some twisting. You will work towards Flying Ninja, an arm balancing posture. There are zero expectations, just experiences. Have fun! The playlist features songs from The Weeknd, Masionair, and Dennis Lloyd.

  • Julia 30 Minute Just Be Yin

    In this 30 minute yin class, we hit the whole body to foster presence in a short amount of time. Beginning with a passive heart opener, we then move on to some hip opening before finding our way into some passive twists. Playlist includes The Album Leaf, Sara Bareilles, and Kina Grannis.

  • Lauren Grit and Grace Flow - Fri 4/16

    This is a 60 Minute Full Body Flow with Lauren peaking up to a pose she kind of made up! It's a Cross Ankle - Crossed Arms Fold following back strengthening. The class features a special rock themed playlist with songs from G N' R, Alabama Shakes, and Jefferson Starship.

  • Lauren SparkSalutations 30 Minute

    In this class format we go through many rounds of Sun Salutations A and B at a relatively fast pace; just getting into the flow of it and letting go. We continue building heat with a longer standing flow and finish with a short restorative section. This is the perfect class to wake up to - to ene...

  • Julia 20 Minute Full Body Power Flow

    In this express power flow, we make the most of our time. We start out by opening up the hips with some focused stretching and side plank variations before going right into our flows. A series of lunges make our glutes and inner thighs WORK and we integrate some challenging core drills in order...

  • Nikki 60 Min Side Plank Power & Pause Flow

    Our shoulders are a huge part of our core strength. In the 60 Minute Power & Pause class you will work on the mobility and stability of the shoulders while exploring your connection to the core. At the start of class we make a commitment to showing up for ourselves with whatever strengths, challe...

  • Nick CandleLight Side Body Twisty 45 Min Express Flow

    Nick's 45 Minute Express Flow will get you working on creating length in the side body and the front of your spine. You then move through a challenging standing flow that will connect you to your core and create the heat you need to twist. From there, you will cool things down with a restorative ...

  • Nikki 30 Min Surrender to Resistance YIN Flow

    In this 30 minute Yin class you will focus on letting go of resistance through the practice of surrender. In the Yin practice we hold postures for longer to allow the muscles and tissues that surround the muscles to release. When the tissues around the muscle are tight, it keeps the muscle from w...

  • Erinn Dancer's Pose Flow - Thu 12/17

    This is a 60 Minute class filmed at our Tribeca studio with Erinn that focuses on Dancer's Pose but this is a full body flow that touches every part of the body. The playlist features songs from Ed Sheeran, LIzzo, and Sam Smith.

  • Julia CandleLight Hippy Flow LIVE - Tues 12/8

    This is a special 60 min CandleLight class filmed at our Tribeca location with Julia. CandleLight classes are in the dark with only the flickering of candles to light the space. Dim your own space to create the vibe and focused feel. This class focuses on the hips both in mobility and stability. ...

  • Rebekah 5 Minute Chair Instructional

    Chair pose is one of the best poses to build some serious heat and can be found woven into just about any power yoga flow. This 5-minute tutorial breaks down the posture starting from the ground up, helping you to build a powerful chair. It will allow you to take full advantage of the benefits of...

  • Nikki BlackLight LIVE Twisty Freedom Flow - Thu 12/3

    This is a Core focused 60 Minute BlackLight class streamed LIVE from our Tribeca location with Nikki. This is a twisting class focusing on the difference between twisting the ribs vs. twisting the hips. The class works on drills building glute and core strength while also liberating areas of the ...