Rebekah Flow on the Go Series

Rebekah Flow on the Go Series

If you're having a busy day/week/life these classes are the perfect "go to" for you! Each class is under 30 minutes with their own specialty so there's something for every yogi. Whether you're into a powerful flow, a quick full body flow or restorative flow or even all three, Rebekahs got you covered!

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Rebekah Flow on the Go Series
  • Rebekah 30 Minute Strong, Stable Shoulder Flow

    Our shoulders carry a lot—literally and metaphorically. Strong, healthy shoulders help us move confidently through the world. This 30-minute flow will focus on strengthening and stretching the muscles that keep our shoulders stable. We will move through plank variations and push-ups for strength,...

  • Rebekah 20 Minute Wind Down Restorative Flow

    Designed to release tension and promote restful sleep, this 20-minute flow is perfect after a long day. Focusing on intentional poses and deep breathing, we’ll move slowly through hip and chest openers, along with some gentle spinal movement. We’ll end with legs up the wall for a restorative inve...

  • Rebekah 20 Minute Quick Full Body Flow

    No full hour for yoga? No problem! This 20-minute flow hits the hips, shoulders, quads, spine, and chest to build some heat and get you out of your head. We move through lunges, twists, and warrior variations. Then, since there’s nothing quite like single-leg poses to cultivate focus, the peak po...