45 Min Flows

45 Min Flows

In these 45 minute classes you will get a bit more time in each section of class always focusing on getting you moving in a safe and mindful way. Check out the class descriptions to find a class that aligns with where you are today.

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45 Min Flows
  • Hannah Wake Up and Spark

    This 45 minute flow, taught by Hannah and demoed by Cassie, will invigorate your body, mind, and spirit so that you feel ready for the day ahead. We will begin with lunge salutations to wake up the lower body and then move on to Sun B variations with heart openers, twists, and core work in forear...

  • Nick CandleLight Side Body Twisty 45 Min Express Flow

    Nick's 45 Minute Express Flow will get you working on creating length in the side body and the front of your spine. You then move through a challenging standing flow that will connect you to your core and create the heat you need to twist. From there, you will cool things down with a restorative ...

  • Nick Kind Twisty 45 Min Express Flow - Tues 1/26

    This is a 45 Minute CORE Express class with Nick working on cultivating kindness while twisting. Nikki is demoing the class so you will hear Nick's voice but see Nikki practicing. Enjoy!

  • Reed Upper Body 45 Min Express Flow - Thu 12/17

    This is a 45 Minute Express flow with Reed (demoed by Nikki) filmed at our Tribeca studio. This class focuses on Upper Body Strength and stability while integrating the core.

  • Julia 45 Minute Inner Thigh Flow

    In this 45 minute flow, Julia works on building strength and mobility in the inner thighs through a series of active stretches and strengthening poses. This playlists features songs from James Bay, Dionne Farris, and Sarah Bareilles.

  • Kaitlyn 45 Minute Lower Body Flow

    In this 45 Minute Lower Body class we focus in on the hips and glutes. We start off in a seated position with the soles of our feet touching, allowing early activation of open hips as well as connection to the breath. Our warm up allows us to begin activating our glutes while building heat in the...

  • Lauren 45 Minute Heart Opening Flow

    Join Lauren (who claims to not be very backbendy herself!) for a 45 minute heart opening class peaking to wheel pose. We get into some lizard flows, devotional warrior, and dancers pose along the way. Playlist includes Iggy Azalea, Lady Gaga and Florence + The Machine.

  • Julia 45 Minute Full Body Flow

    In this 45 Minute class, we work into both the upper and lower body, challenging our core and outer hips while also integrating movement through the shoulder girdle. After a juicy warmup, we work through Warrior I and power lunge variations to get the hips moving, and then deepen our hip opening...

  • Nikki 45 Minute Full Body Flow

    This is the fourth class in a 4 part series that focuses on the posture Halfmoon. All YogaSpark classes build postures from the ground up. This Halfmoon series starts with the lower body, then the core, then the upper body. This final class puts all that hard work together to build a full body wo...

  • Stephanie 45 Minute Core Flow

    In this 45 minute class, we will fire up the belly to build internal heat to strengthen the core as well as the whole body. We will move through postures such as Plank and Side Plank to understand how strength in the core can help us move through the standing series of practice and to our peak po...

  • Nikki 45 Minute Hip Flow

    In this 45 minute flow we focus on the hips, in particular your psoas muscle. The psoas connects at the inner thigh and travels up the hip, through the core, and connects at the mid-back. We alternate between strengthening exercises and mobility drills to free up and strengthen this part of the b...

  • Julia 45 Minute Full Body Flow

    In this 45 minute flow you will work your full body. Starting on the ground in child's pose we connect to the breath and slowly build into more challenging poses like hovering table top, figure 4 chair, and a twisted Warrior III bind. You will leave this class feeling energized inside and out. Th...

  • Julia 45 min Full Body Flow, Crow Series

    In this 45 minute class, we put together all of the building blocks that we explored in the three previous 30 minute crow classes. We integrate upper body drills to prep your shoulders, hip mobilization to get your hips ready to fly, and integrate core along the way to support your body as you f...