Week 4 + Bonus Day!

Week 4 + Bonus Day!

Each week, our bodily focus will change and for Week Four we are focusing on the Openness + Mobility + A Bonus Day of Drills focusing on the Psoas. 

What else is it?

-21 ten-minute core-based energetic and physical practices designed to Spark Up your yoga, in or out of the hot room.
-5-6 classes per week will be dropped on YogaSpark Digital throughout the month of January. Each day of the week, our energetic focus will change:

Day One: meditation + intention-setting
Days Two, Three and Four: physical drills
Day Five: Bonus Psoas 20 min Flow
Day 6: Meditation + guided journaling

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Week 4 + Bonus Day!
  • Core Challenge, Nikki Day 16

    In this 10 minute meditation Nikki guides you through breath work, a water visualization, and a brief physical practice. You will practicing the art of letting go through each of these moments of class. When we feel things in our bodies it translates to our minds and visa versa. Doing breath and ...

  • Core Challenge, Julia Day 17

    We start off our first day of drill in Week 4 by some mobilization of the shoulders and the hips. Working through some lunge variations, we start to explore hip flexion and extension, eventually working up to Devotional Warrior. Today is about finding and fostering the relationship between our ...

  • Core Challenge, Nikki Day 18

    In Day 18 we move through drills that build off of what we started yesterday. Working with shoulder and chest mobility and opening from a place of strength. We bring together the work we have done from each week to stabilize the core and then open the chest. You will move through poses like bridg...

  • Core Challenge, Julia Day 19

    We start out day 3 of drills by activating the core and working through the mobility of the hip. Through lunge variations and chest opening, we start to expand our openness while keeping our core engaged, working up to Warrior III variations and eventually, Dancer's Pose, where we practice stron...

  • Core Challenge, Day 20 Psoas Bonus Day

    In this 20 minute day of drills you will learn and work with your Psoas Muscle, a major muscle in the core. For a lot of us our psoas is shortened and weak. Today we work to strength and lengthen this muscle so you can stand tall and more easily move your legs (think step through between your han...

  • Core Challenge, Nikki Day 21

    This last 10 minute session is packed with lots of practices to bring all of the work we have done together. We start with breaths of joy and then move on to journaling. This journaling reflects on the week plus the entire series. Then we seal our challenge with a Loving Kindness Meditation.