Yin is a great addition to your power practice as it focuses on deep release in muscles and joints. Where power flows are challenging in their pace and the strength they ask of you, Spark Yin challenges you with long holds all while breathing and gives yourself permission to drop deeper into the posture.

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  • Ashley YIN - Sun 2/28

    This 60 Minute YIN class is the perfect companion to your power practice. In YIN you hold postures for 3-6 minutes in order to release deep layers of tension and stress. This class is restorative on a physical and emotional level and practiced in dim lighting so if you have the ability, dim your ...

  • Julia YIN 60 Minute Release The Grip Flow

    We start out this 60 minute candlelight yin class with some dynamic movement to help release any existing tension in the body. Then we bring it down to the floor to continue the journey, opening up the chest, low back, and hips, all of which have a tendency to close off as stress works on our bo...

  • Julia 30 Minute YIN Heart Opening Flow

    In this 30 minute YIN flow you will hold postures a little longer in order to release. This class will focus on heart opening, exploring postures that open up your chest and sides. Playlist includes SYML, Jome, and Novo Amor.

  • Nikki 30 Min Surrender to Resistance YIN Flow

    In this 30 minute Yin class you will focus on letting go of resistance through the practice of surrender. In the Yin practice we hold postures for longer to allow the muscles and tissues that surround the muscles to release. When the tissues around the muscle are tight, it keeps the muscle from w...

  • Julia 30 Minute Yin

    Yin is the counter to our power practice in which we hold postures for much longer in order to find a different kind of depth. In this 30 minute series, we focus on the hips. We spend most of our time opening them up from multiple angles, working in some chest openers and low back release in or...