In these quick 10-15 minute practices, you will get moving with your favorite instructors so you can be sure to practice even when you have a limited amount of time.

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  • Nikki 10 Minute Core Blast

    In this 10 minute core focused class we will get right to the point starting with floor work to wake up the glutes and deep core muscles. After lighting up the entire cylinder of the core we move into a fast paced flow practicing poses like hovering table top, high lunge, warrior III all while fo...

  • Nikki 10 Minute Full Body Blast

    In this 10 minute quick blast we work the full body through quick but mindful movement. This playlist features songs from Andy Grammer, King Princess, and John Legend.

  • Julia 10 Minute Eagle Express Flow

    In this quick 10 minute blast video Julia gets you warmed up quickly to practice Eagle Pose. This playlist features songs from Litany, and Joseph.

  • Stephanie 10 Minute Core Quick Blast

    In this 10 minute core blast class, we will generate heat in the body and core quickly through a series of core strengthening moves. We will start on our backs with targeted core exercises and move to a more plank focused ending. We seal this class with a boat pose burnout and a juicy savasana! ...

  • Julia 10 Minute Arm Blast

    In this 10 Minute mini flow, we make the absolute most of our time! Focusing on shoulder stabilization, we get the heart pumping with some quick paced drills and undulations. This is a great mini blast on its own, or even more fired up if you pair it with one of our other shorter flows, like Ka...

  • Kaitlyn 10 Minute Booty Blast

    In this 10 minute class, we focus solely on the glutes. We fire it up right away activating the booty with several repetitive movements. While our main focus is the glutes, yoga poses such as low lunge twist, lizard, and low crescent lunge are incorporated to ensure flexibility in the surrounding...