Nikki The Power of Setting Intentions Series

Nikki The Power of Setting Intentions Series

This is a 4 part series with three 30 minute flows and one 45 minute flow that puts it all together. When we feel something in our bodies we also feel it in our spirits. This series will help you FEEL how setting a clear intention that is specifically linked with the body's experience can change the way you move, feel, and even think. Nikki will set specific intentions with meditation and movement in classes 1, 2, and 3 and then will guide you through how to set your own intention in class 4. This series is meant to challenge you physically while helping your nervous system operate more optimally and light your spirit up!

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Nikki The Power of Setting Intentions Series
  • Nikki 30 Min Clarity & Hip Hinge Flow - Part 1

    This is the 1st class of The Power of Setting Intentions Series. This class focuses on Clarity by starting with a meditation using visualization to feel clear in the body and mind. We then move into the body lighting up the muscles we need for stability and begin to flow focusing on finding a cle...

  • Nikki 30 Min Present Psoas Flow - Part 2

    This is the 2nd Class in The Power of Setting Intentions Series. Now that you have clarity in your minds and with your hip hinge we are going to target a muscle that goes from your inner thighs to the front of your pelvis through your body and onto your spine. The Iliopsoas is a powerful muscle t...

  • Nikki 30 Min Stand Strong Rib Flow - Part 3

    Finding optimal alignment feels and looks different for EVERY body. And it depends on the day and what each individual is working with. Now that we have worked physically with the hips and psoas we are going to awake our awareness of our ribs alignment. The obliques are a major player in keeping ...

  • Nikki 45 Min Power of Setting Intentions Flow - Part 4

    This is the 4th and final class of The Power of Setting Intentions Special Series.

    For the first 5 minutes of class, Nikki breaks down the work we have been doing so you can move into this final class with the knowledge in your mind and body feeling clear, present, and strong where you are. You...