Instructional Series

Instructional Series

Want to learn more about your vinyasa flow? Want to break down sun salutations? In this category we work with different teachers to break down individual postures and elements of the practice for you so you can continue to grow.

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Instructional Series
  • Erinn 5 Minute Plank Instructional

    In this 5 Minute Instructional Erinn breaks down Plank Pose. If you practice yoga, you have done plank both in held moments of class and in moving through transitions. This instructional breaks it down so you can be more efficient and lit up from the inside out.

  • Hannah 5 Min Cow Face Instructional

    In this quick 5 minute instructional, Hannah breaks down the posture Cow Face Pose and offers up variations to suite all experiences.

    Instructional videos are meant to help yogis dig a little deeper into their practice through exploration and education so when flowing in a group class you feel ...

  • Rebekah 5 Minute Chair Instructional

    Chair pose is one of the best poses to build some serious heat and can be found woven into just about any power yoga flow. This 5-minute tutorial breaks down the posture starting from the ground up, helping you to build a powerful chair. It will allow you to take full advantage of the benefits of...

  • Nick 5 Minute Triangle Instructional

    This five minute instructional how-to of Triangle Pose will help you discover new ways to transition into your triangle pose. We focus on the ins and outs of how different transitions will affect your pose, and how you can make the most out of triangle for you body and needs. With plenty of diffe...

  • Julia 5 minute Vinyasa Breakdown

    In this quick 5 minute instructional video, we break down the vinyasa or "flow," which is the center around which many of our practices are focused. Learn how to support yourself through planks, safely open your chest, and support yourself with breath through this moving meditation. Also learn ...

  • Julia 5 Min Sun A Breakdown

    In this quick 5 minute instructional video, Julia breaks down traditional Sun Salutation A. This is a series of postures done in most vinyasa yoga classes. Every yoga class builds as it progresses and Sun Salutation A is an integral part to the warm up and the foundation of which the rest of the ...

  • Nikki Sun B Breakdown

    In this quick practice we breakdown the traditional postures of Sun Salutation B which are, Chair and Warrior I in between vinyasa flows. Typically practiced after doing a handful of Sun Salutation As, Sun B is the portion of any sequence where you begin to work on bigger standing postures. This ...