Week 3

Week 3

Each week, our bodily focus will change and for Week Three we are focusing on the Obliques + Stability. 

What else is it?

-21 ten-minute core-based energetic and physical practices designed to Spark Up your yoga, in or out of the hot room.
-5-6 classes per week will be dropped on YogaSpark Digital throughout the month of January. Each day of the week, our energetic focus will change:

Day One: meditation + intention-setting
Days Two, Three and Four: physical drills
Days Five and Six: meditation + guided journaling

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Week 3
  • Core Challenge, Julia Day 11

    We talk about the obliques and how they can allow us to connect with our sense of stability. Take a short meditation to foster stillness/inner peace, integrating visualization and breath.

  • Core Challenge, Nikki Day 12

    Today we pull from the visualization from Day 11 and find stability and stillness even when things are challenging. It's all about finding optimal alignment so we can allow the obliques to do the work they were meant to do. You'll move through side body stretches, core work on the back, to standi...

  • Core Challenge, Julia Day 13

    On our second day of drills this week, Julia builds upon what Nikki taught yesterday. We mobilize our obliques and spine to get ready for some deeper lunging and balancing twists, before integrating some oblique burning plank drills.

  • Core Challenge, Nikki Day 14

    Today is our final day of drills for Week 3 and we put everything together. We now have a better understanding of the obliques and how to turn them on so we can put more demand on them. We move through core work on the back, twists in various positions, and challenging side plank variations.

  • Core Challenge, Julia Day 15

    In our last day of Week 3, Julia leads us through alternate nostril breathing to foster inner balance. Next she leads us through some guided journaling so that we can reflect on what we've learned throughout the rest of the week, and look forward to what will be our final week of the challenge!