Week 1

Week 1

What is it?

-21 ten-minute core-based energetic and physical practices designed to Spark Up your yoga, in or out of the hot room.
-5-6 classes per week will be dropped on YogaSpark Digital throughout the month of January. Each day of the week, our energetic focus will change:

Day One: meditation + intention-setting
Days Two, Three and Four: physical drills
Days Five and Six: meditation + guided journaling

Each week, our bodily focus will change and for Week One we are focusing on the Lower Core + Getting Grounded.

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Week 1
  • Core Challenge, Julia Day 1

    Today, on the first day of our challenge, we introduce our Week 1 theme: Grounding/Low Core. We start with a grounding meditation, and follow up with a short discussion on what grounding can mean for us physically as well as energetically.

  • Core Challenge, Nikki Day 2

    On Day 2 we work on waking up the low core, including the glutes. From that place of strength we explore how we can use that feeling to get more grounded.

  • Core Challenge, Julia Day 3

    On day 3 week take the core activating and grounding exercises that Nikki taught on day 2 and expand on them. We add variations of tabletop, chair and supported warrior III in order to wake up the inner thighs and fire up our low core, allowing us to feel grounded within our bodies.

  • Core Challenge, Nikki Day 4

    This 10 Minute Drill day packs a punch! We put together drills from day 2 and 3 into a final flow building up to a Warrior III balance.

  • Core Challenge, Julia Day 5

    For the last day of Week 1, we look back on the work that we did internally and externally. By beginning with Breath of Fire, we find our grounding and perhaps a little calm. Next we go through a guided journaling question, asking ourselves what makes us feel grounded so that we can continue to...