Don’t let Rebekah’s kind and playful nature fool you, she is an anatomy and yoga wizard! Rebekah’s classes are a playful fusion of spirited flows, stamina-building holds, and joyful pushing-of-boundaries… you will definitely discover new found strength in her classes! She is always learning from her students and fellow yoga teachers. Her heart melts when her friends show up to class and believes a little bit of optimism, recklessness, a lot of work, and a lot of luck got her to where she is today! She also trains and competes in Olympic style weightlifting and is an expert at academic citation analysis.

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  • Rebekah 60 Minue Core Flow

    Be prepared for a full hour of strengthening, stabilizing, and sweating with this core-focused flow. You’re not going to see any crunches or pulses; instead, the focus here is on strong positions and long holds in order to get the core better at its job: steady balance, good posture, and a stable...

  • Rebekah 20 Minute Flow

    This 20-minute flow gets right to the point with a quick-moving but intentional sequence that works the upper body, lower body, and everything in between. We will flow through variations of basic poses like lunges, chaturangas, and seated core work, giving a new intensity to these familiar shapes...

  • Rebekah 5 Minute Chair Instructional

    Chair pose is one of the best poses to build some serious heat and can be found woven into just about any power yoga flow. This 5-minute tutorial breaks down the posture starting from the ground up, helping you to build a powerful chair. It will allow you to take full advantage of the benefits of...