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Watch this video and more on YogaSpark Digital

Nikki 20 Minute Core Flow, Halfmoon Series

Nikki • 22m

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  • Nikki 45 Minute Hip Flow

    In this 45 minute flow we focus on the hips, in particular your psoas muscle. The psoas connects at the inner thigh and travels up the hip, through the core, and connects at the mid-back. We alternate between strengthening exercises and mobility drills to free up and strengthen this part of the b...

  • Nikki 5 Minute Meditation

    In this 5 minute guided meditation we use a tool called visualization. Visualization uses imagery in our mind’s eye to help us calm the nervous system. This particular visualization focuses on the breath and imagining a clear white light radiating from the center of the chest. We practice letting...

  • Nikki Sun B Breakdown

    In this quick practice we breakdown the traditional postures of Sun Salutation B which are, Chair and Warrior I in between vinyasa flows. Typically practiced after doing a handful of Sun Salutation As, Sun B is the portion of any sequence where you begin to work on bigger standing postures. This ...