SparkSalutations are the perfect way to start your day! These 30 minute flows focus on pace and repetition to get your body moving. Built for first thing in the morning, but great for any time of day (we love it before or after a run). Move your body through several rounds of sun salutations and their variations, plus enjoy a mini flow. It's everything you love in a YogaSpark class in an efficient, compact package!

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  • Hannah SparkSalutations

    Here is your 30 minute Spark Salutations Hannah. This is a class with emphasis on the opening up the hips and stretching the inner thighs! We will begin slowly on the back and then warm up with a handful of classic sun salutations, eventually making our way to balances from chair pose, side angl...

  • Lauren SparkSalutations 30 Minute

    In this class format we go through many rounds of Sun Salutations A and B at a relatively fast pace; just getting into the flow of it and letting go. We continue building heat with a longer standing flow and finish with a short restorative section. This is the perfect class to wake up to - to ene...

  • Julia SparkOutdoors 30 Minute SparkSalutations

    This 30 minute SparkSalutations, taught by Julia and demoed by Lauren, gets your blood pumping with movement and pace. We start out with a warmup and some dynamic breathe/movement before launching into Sun Salutation A and B variations. From there, we expand upon what we built and create a flow...