SparkOutdoors Series

SparkOutdoors Series

This three part series is practiced and taught outside so whether you are inside or out (we recommend out!) these classes are all about getting you connected to the earth and nature. When we reconnect with nature, we reconnect with ourselves!

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SparkOutdoors Series
  • Lauren Tree + Roots 45 Min Flow - SparkOutdoors

    Practicing yoga in nature is an amazing opportunity to connect with the earth, wind, and sun around you! In this class we practice tree pose of many kinds (standing, lotus, seated). We acknowledge the network of roots underneath us and ultimately visualize our place within the natural world. We l...

  • Julia SparkOutdoors 30 Minute SparkSalutations

    This 30 minute SparkSalutations, taught by Julia and demoed by Lauren, gets your blood pumping with movement and pace. We start out with a warmup and some dynamic breathe/movement before launching into Sun Salutation A and B variations. From there, we expand upon what we built and create a flow...

  • Julia 10 Minute SparkOutdoors Meditation

    In this 10 minute meditation, feel the earth underneath you and foster grounding and presence. Feel your senses awaken with nature around you, while still maintaining an inner calm. Great for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. Suggested for outside enjoyment, but perfect anywhere.