Week 2

Week 2

What is it?

-21 ten-minute core-based energetic and physical practices designed to Spark Up your yoga, in or out of the hot room.
-5-6 classes per week will be dropped on YogaSpark Digital throughout the month of January. Each day of the week, our energetic focus will change:

Day One: meditation + intention-setting
Days Two, Three and Four: physical drills
Days Five and Six: meditation + guided journaling

Each week, our bodily focus will change and for Week Two we are focusing on the Transverse Abdominal Muscle + Strength.

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Week 2
  • Core Challenge, Nikki Day 6

    In week 2 of our CORE Challenge we will focus on the feeling of Strength by becoming aware of one of the most important deep core muscles, the Transverse Abdominis. This muscle wraps around the core like a corset and when strong, provides stabilization for the hips and low back. Nikki talks throu...

  • Core Challenge, Julia Day 7

    We begin our first drill day of Week 2 with some breath and basic activation of our transverse abdominus/deep core muscles. We then explore some tabletop extensions and plank variations, integrating specific muscle activations so that you can feel the engagement through your whole core.

  • Core Challenge, Nikki Day 8

    When building more optimal movement patterns and muscle firing, repetition is key. We repeat drills from day 7 and explore different ways to extend the limbs with a strong transverse muscle. The breath stays at the center of the practice to avoid gripping. You will leave today feeling energized, ...

  • Core Challenge, Julia Day 9

    In this class we build upon everything we've learned this week while activating the transverse abdominus. We begin with core work on the back before moving to tabletop core work to fire ourselves up and foster our inner strength. To amp it up, we move into power lunge and chair variations, buil...

  • Core Challenge, Nikki Day 10

    At the end of Week 2 we bring all our physical and energetic work together to reflect on our experience from the week. The intention is to help you feel and experience the mind-body connection through physical application of drills, feeling it in your body and then journaling to notice how our ph...