Erinn’s class style is true to her overall style, which is about crafting physically challenging, yet accessible classes structured towards both anatomical and philosophical themes - and of course, set to inspiring tunes. Think active, flowy, and fun! This Canadian beauty and connoisseur of chocolate covered raisins (ask her where to find the best ones in NYC!) loves to connect with all of you and know that she made a positive influence on your day.

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  • Erinn Dancer's Pose Flow - Thu 12/17

    This is a 60 Minute class filmed at our Tribeca studio with Erinn that focuses on Dancer's Pose but this is a full body flow that touches every part of the body. The playlist features songs from Ed Sheeran, LIzzo, and Sam Smith.

  • Erinn Upper Body 30 Minute Flow

    In this 30 minute Upper Body Flow Erinn focuses on cueing specific engagement of the shoulder girdle and arms in poses like Chair, Diver's Pose, and Locust. You will leave this class feeling strong and perhaps a little sore in the arms.

  • Erinn 5 Minute Plank Instructional

    In this 5 Minute Instructional Erinn breaks down Plank Pose. If you practice yoga, you have done plank both in held moments of class and in moving through transitions. This instructional breaks it down so you can be more efficient and lit up from the inside out.